Score Match Zimmer 7 Level Features

Score Match Zimmer 7 Level Features

Score Match Development of Zimmer. Zimmer is now; stronger, faster, more capable, more mental and taller…

Score Match Zimmer 7 Level Features

Score Match Zim-mer; Media has risen to 7 levels in Fatih’s Score match.

Score Match Zimmer 7 Level Features

Zim-mer to the followers of the valuable media Fatih; Score Match Zim-mer I wanted to share player’s level 7 features. Also; I say that Zim-mer is a part of your team. It has a great field of vision.

Score Match Zimmer 7 Level Features
Score Match Zimmer 7 Level Features

Score Match Football game; First Touch Games.

first Touch Games; Score Match Football game released by the company; has become a game played by 10 millions people around the world.

Score Match; The game has been turned into a game played by all segments from seven to seventy. We like Media Conqueror and you like Score Match very much.

Score Match Players; Play to keep you connected and to increase the level of competition; new players have been added to this game. One of these players is nicknamed Zim-mer.

Zim-mer, the wizard of Score Match; very talented, very tactical and a very good player.

Score Match Football The new footballer of the game Zimmer; previous former players; He looks like an architect and Sneaky.

But Score Match Zım-mer; neither an architect, nor an insidious player type.
70% The architect’s characteristics appear to be a mixture of the features of Sneaky at 30%.

Zimmer 6. Level Features and Level 7. Features

Score Match Zim-mer Level 6 Characteristics

Speed: 20

Height: 14

Force: 14

Power of: 11

Ability: 35

Response: 16


Zım-mer player’s Level 6 Technical Specifications were as above.

Score Match Zim-mer from Level 6 7thAmount of Game Money Required to Update to the next level?

Score Match’s 25,000 (Twenty-five thousand) is required to update Score Match’s new player, Zim-mer, from Level 6 to Level 7.

Score Match Zim-mer Level 7 Technical Specifications

Speed: 22

Length: 16 cm

Force: 16

Strength: 12

Ability: 39

Response: 18

Score Match’s new footballer, Zım-mer Nami 7.The level will play more technically, faster, stronger, taller and smarter.

Zim-mer Player; First Touch Games previously offered direct sale from direct cash (63.99 TL).

Also; he gave zimmer twice in the newly opened tournaments. To have Zim-mer; You must be champion. If you can not be a kind of champion, press the money mslesef; You must purchase Zimmer from Score Match.

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