Score Match Tips 2020 Current Tactics

Score Match Tips 2020 Current Tactics

Score Match Tips

What are the score Match tips? What are the subtle tactics of the Score Match Video football game? Score Match Video football game which is the best system? Etc…

Score Match Video football game lovers wonder about the best tactics and match-winning tips in the game of football…
The Score Match video football game varies according to the level of the players on your team, the structure of the players on your team, the layout of your team on the field, and your capabilities.

Score Match Video Football Game Best Pitch Sequence

Score Match Video is a 5-3-2 or 5-2-1-2 system, which is the system in which 60% of professional game lovers play the football game.

After you understand the logic of the 5 ‘ s defensive system, you will see how effective it is and how much of a finishing system it is.
The majority of players in the Infinity League prefer the 5S system.

If you play in the lower leagues, this system is even more than enough to make you King.

How to play 5-3-2 and 5-2-1-2 system ?

In the 5-player system, the right side of the defense and the left side of the defense are the most important elements of this system.
Players you can play on the far right of the defense: Guard, Protector, producer, bulldozer, Cekic and Commander

Players to the left of the defense: Guard, guard, producer, bulldozer, Cekic and Commander
The players on the left and right of the defense go down to the sidelines of the penalty area to decipher the air ball and throw the break ball to the forwards.

If the striker is 1 fast player 1 long player; if you want 2 fast, if you want 2 long players with the striker line can be established.
Players who play one ball in the middle (Guard, producer,Commander, Hammer, bulldozer, protector), such as; you need to play.


When using corners, keep an eye on the long and strong players of the opposing player. Try to find a goal by throwing a head ball at your long and strong players in the zone where the opponent has no long and strong players.

Use the corners by making a curved center from the inside to the outside so that the goalkeeper does not get out. In this case, the goalkeeper will make a wrong exit and the goal will be empty.
Pass the ball in the opposite direction with short passes, for example to the back player, the goalkeeper with a long pass and disrupt the opponent’s line-up balance.

Do not observe the direction of movement of the player to throw the ball, and throw it in the direction of the player to run, can take the pass.
Players who play with a 5-3-2, 5-2-1-2 system score penalties as opposed to where their long striker is at 80%. That is; 1 fast and short striker is playing with one long striker; your opponent’s tall striker is playing on the right side; the penalty is likely to be thrown to the left.

If his tall striker is playing on the left, he is more likely to throw to the right.
When passing, make sure you pick the player to pass. Choosing a player means less ball loss and more possession.

Make a habit of using the goalie, playing with the goalie, putting the goalie in play.
When defending, select the players on the defensive line as last as possible, press the players in front of the defense, do not disrupt the defensive line.

If there’s no one to pass, run your own ball with a very light pass.
When scoring a penalty; don’t hit on the goalkeeper. Little to the goalkeeper’s right or left.
The weakest side of the opponents with 5 defensive lines is the far right and far left side of their defense.

The speed of players playing here is usually low (maximum is 30))
The weakest part of the players with 3 defensive lines is the defense. Man the left and right spaces of the defense.

Players who play 4-4-2 have players like Speed Master. He tries to drill through the middle of the defense, scoring a goal by throwing the decider ball. Watch out for the decks.

Score Match Tips
Score Match Tips

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