Score Match Tactics Google Trend is in the list of the most wanted words in the words and the media as Fatih for playing this game; we will write you which is the best tactic.

score Match Tactics; In our opinion, the best tactic is the 5-3-2 system, which is (5) five defenders, (3) triple midfielders and (2) double striker.

Well; Score Match How to play the tactical 5-3-2 system? How the player lineup should be, let’s talk about those issues.

Score Match Tactics Player Field Lineu

Defender: 5-defender, an invading player to the right of the defense, Producer or Guard to the left of the defense, whether you play the protector in the middle of the defense, it is up to the explorer pleasure.

The most important wing in defense is the producer’s wing according to this series.

from this wing, the tall player in the striker’s center should be the center of this wing.

Score Match Tactics
Score Match Tactics


because the producer is playing on the left side of the defense.

Now let’s come to the team’s midfield, my team has 3 long in the midfield, this is not necessarily even 1 long enough for us. The midfield would be perfect.


Commander in the middle of the midfield, Guardian on the right of the midfield, guard on the left of the midfield.

The common feature of these players in the midfield is that it is necessary for this system since they do not make single balls or go to play.

Doing the ball in the middle, the defense to the right of the ball to the penalty area to the producer should meet the position

The ball to the producer near the crown line of the penalty area. The producer cuts a solid middle and calls the Long Striker’s head Al da At Gardaş.

Yes, come to the team’s Striker

In my Score Match game, I play on the left side of the Striker, since the Team Captain is the Speed ​​Master in my Score Match Tactic. If you put the speed master to the right, you need to put the producer on the left of the defense to the right.

To the right of the striker is Hammer

Striker 1 Short 1 Long, according to the position of throwing the ball can use the speed master very effectively.

Again, you can cut the ball into the empty corner of the left wing by missing the speed master, the corner kick or from the street big Forvet.

also; the invader on the right wing of the defender in the same left-wing as the producer player out of the attack to the thrust, your occupying player again; Throwing to the producer waiting for the ball on the left wing will increase the attack power.

In this system, the point you need to pay attention to is the left wing where the producer is. Because the producer’s speed is slow; a fast actor next to the producer; for example, to put an invader; will close the gap to the left of the defense

Try this system, because you will not like it; That’s because Score Match Tactics. If one of the defenders escapes, the other player closes this error immediately.

Midfielder pattern doesn’t get over the ball easily. In this case, the opponent’s nerves and can not concentrate on the game.
This is an advantage for you.

Score Match Tactical Types How Many?

There are a total of 12 field alignment systems.
These systems are:

4-4-2 —- 4-4-3

4-1-2-3 —- 3-5-2

4-2-3-1 —- 4-1-2-1-2

3-1-2-1-3 —- 4-1-4-1

5-3-2 —— 5-2-1-2

3-4-3 —- 4-2-1-3

Score Match Tactics
Score Match Tactics

5-3-2 Best

Score You can select Match Tactics according to these 12 game layouts and make player placement according to your own game style.

The choice of goalkeeper is up to you. I also have a long keeper now. The advantage of Dez is that the balls remain slow. 6. As a fast goalkeeper can be effective in cutting the ball like a defender.

You can try to understand how this system works by looking at the video.

Thanks to this system, the Israeli opponent, the basic operation of this system with the video footage of the match I’ve defeated and published for you.

I hope you are well represented by our Turkish flag turkey Score Match video games in the best way, thanks to our Tactical Match Score especially if you are very successful against enemy countries Turkey .


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